Chain Genie

Transform traditional apps into blockchain apps overnight!

ChainGenie = Distributed Ledger + Blockchain + Magic

.......Ethereum, Bitcoin Blockchain, Multichain, Hyperledger, IPFS.......

Turbo start your blockchain project without the investment in learning all or any of these!

Our Lego Blocks

Pick your components -> Add your workflow -> Create or connect to your traditional app

Add Components to your canvas

Our toolbox includes everything from document, document collections, proxies, voting, payments, invoicing and more. Add your puzzle pieces into the canvas and we will do the magic to code them in the backend.

Connect components with workflow

Connect the puzzle pieces that you added to your canvas using our multitude of options - route, pass, send for signature, cryto-notarize, record permanently, store on blockchain, add attributes into DLT and more!

Deploy Your Blockchain Application

ChainGenie magic happens when you add the components and connect them as needed. The launch and endpoints along with your configuration are converted into well defined and architected app which will utilize the best of technologies.

ChainGenie Architecture

Curious how ChainGenie works? High level architecture diagram below. Need more info? Contact us

ChainGenie provides a plug and play platform that helps you connect your existing (or create new) applications to DLTs for lodging and workflow management using a simple easy to use user interface. ChainGenie is a platform to create blockchain apps that provide speed-to-market for companies looking to launch faster, rather than reinvent the wheel.

Write your applications to run on popular Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin Blockchain etc with great ease when you require to validate credentials or make your existing traditional applications use the power of DLT and blockchain overnight!

ChainGenie launch on BreakingBanks

The platform is Layered on top of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchains & IPFS and more – to obfuscate the horror of directly coding with the different technologies, it provides you an user interface and will use your input to bring the best of all worlds into yours.

It provides your development team (or our value added resellers / VARS) vital launchpoints into your application, thereby transparently using best of technologies to bring you a custom fit that will work the best for you.

No more over analyzing the multitude of platforms (Ethereum, Bitcoin Blockchain, Multichain, Hyperledger, LISK and others) or worry about keeping your application upgraded for infinite changes to these platforms every day.

No need to reskill your technology team on DLT, Blockchain, IPFS or other technologies. No need to hire expensive Blockchain programmers.

ChainGenie is a DIY, but we have dozens of VARS who can do a white glove operation for you - identify business areas where using Blockchain makes most sense and makes it work for you!

Imagination at work!

ChainGenie DIY is just 3 steps away –
  • 1. Add Magic components to your canvas
  • 2. Connect your magic components with our workflow linkers
  • 3. Validate endpoints and connect to your application (or we can help with that layer too!)

Create a KYC solution

Mix and match our components to create your zero knowledge proof solution with digitally signed credential on blockchain (of your choice or ours) and use it to power your business processes.

Create supply chain federated solution

Mix and match our document collection components with routing, signatures and notary. Use callbacks or as pingbacks to know when to take action. Have a one source, crypto verified, security managed, routing solution to end your supply chain nightmare.

Make shopping bitcoin friendly

Combine our crypto currency components, using a variety of authentication and routing options available, and link it to your shopping services to add crypto currency transactions to your traditional online shops.

Certificate / Idea Management

Register your certificate template, drag and drop your attributes, define distribution - and you have your students certificates or organizations ideas notarized to belong to you on the blockchain!


Here is what our genie can do for you!

Fabric agnostic

Genie can operate on most DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and blockchain

Multi Fabric Operations

Flip a switch to operate on one or more DLT and blockchain fabrics

Plug and play interface

Drag and drop components to build your multi fabric DLT + blockchain apps

Highly Customizable Components

Build your next generation apps using lego blocks style components

Fully Configurable Workflows

Drop your components, add your workflows, generate your app - just like 1, 2, 3 . . .

White Glove Configuration

Need help? Cut down your time to market with our value added resellers

About Us

Usha Krishnan is the founder & CEO of ChainGenie®. She created ChainGenie® when researching emerging trends in fintech and understanding how there are multiple competing platforms with no clear winner. In such situations, large financial corporations are at the risk of picking a winning platform, and investing a lot of resources in them, only to find out that they may have made the incorrect choice a year or two later.

Usha therefore envisioned an offering that would make it easy for financial corporations and other verticals to stay above the fray of underlying complexity. Through her initial prototyping, Usha created value for several American and LatAm financial organizations and other industries. Her Proofs of Concept (POCs) spanned several domains including payments, loyalty cards and KYC.

Prior to ChainGenie®, Usha was the founder of MarketWatch101, a Google top 10 global winner of finech gadgets. Her other accomplishments include first prize for Artificial Intelligence Bot from Microsoft, big data implementation in social networks via BrandNub, Augmented Reality implementation for advertising and others.

Usha is an established corporate executive with more than a decade of experience in the C-Suite at global non-profits, Fortune 100 companies and more. She holds an MBA from WP Carey School of Business, Arizona State University and an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering degree as well. She lives in Long Island with her husband and the most adorable black lab in the world.

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